Titanium plasma, Yes or no

Just wondering if the titanium plasma would be a good choice. I am mostly considering it because I have 3 harbor freights near me for consumables and they run deals on them often. Is there any reason not to? Other than the usual they are over priced? cut quality etc. Just wondering. thanks in advance.

I have been using the titanium 45 for over a year now with no issues hand cutting,use it every day cutting 1/2" steel and 3/4". It has been flawless . Bought plasmadyn x45 torch to use on my crossfire pro table, haven’t had time yet to try out.
On YouTube Mike Festiva uses titanium 45 on his table,check it out.


I’ve seen a few of his videos. Just wanted to see if anyone had issues here. Every now and then some youtubers cover up some problems.

The only problem I see is the torch and getting good consumables. If you already have it I would swap out the torch for a machine torch for use on the table.

i would consider getting the primeweld cut60 over the titanium. Not only for the warranty but the customer service and available parts. about 200-300 cheaper as well.


Yes but then I have to order parts. That’s the only reason I wasn’t considering it. The harbor freight parts I can just go get when I inevitability forget I am running low.

they have parts now on their website or you can get them from Mechanic416. I would stock up on consumables anyways. plus, harbor freight sells the tips for the hand and machine torch for the cut60.

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The Primeweld CUT60 also has a CNC port so you don’t have to void your warranty to wire in the THC connections.

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yup, another +

If I get the extended warranty through harbor I can get a brand new cutter every 2 years no questions asked. I guess my main concern right now is are there any negatives to the titanium? I haven’t heard any hard nos yet. The cut 60 looks good but I don’t think I can go pick it up anywhere and would rather actually look at it before buying something like that. Enough people say good things so I am not worried about quality just consumables and parts. The titanium I can walk in and exchange then be back within 3 hours, what would my turnaround be on a cut 60?

Unless Harbor Freight has changed their warranty you have to send it out to be repaired, they don’t just exchange them.

I will have to check that then. From what was being explained to me I just bring it in and they swap it. That might be only for the extended warranty though. Or I wasn’t being told everything. I was just told if it ever wore out, something went wrong or my warranty was almost up and I wanted a new one to bring it in and they would replace it no questions asked.

The Harbor Freight cutter is $899 plus tax plus cost of the repair plan if you go that route. Maybe you can catch a sale. 90 day standard warranty.

The Primeweld CUT60 is $675 - $25 off if you sign up for their mailing list. $0 tax and free shipping. 3 year “no-hassle” warranty.

You can use the roughly $300 that you would be saving and stock up on consumables if running out of something is a concern.

Pretty much a no-brainer in my book.


If I were you I would call the number on the warranty papers and check. Back in 2008 when I was a R&D person for HF they did away with the exchange warranty for the exact reasons you are talking about, people were taking advantage of it.

But HF is under new management and may have went back to the old warranty.

Yeah, the HF website is a little vague as to whether or not welding equipment can be covered on the replacement plan. I did notice that they now state that it is now only good for a “one time replacement on covered failures”, probably because as you pointed out, people were taking advantage.

I have been using the Titanium 45 with no problems run good no over heating, I have it hooked up to 220 v