Titanium Plasma 45


I currently have a Miller Spectrum 375 (not the Extreme) which is an older model. I am having a little trouble cutting anything near .25 in thickness. Many times I need to cut Aluminum and it takes a little more amperage to cut it.

So I am in the market for another plasma cutter of at least 45amps. Can anyone share thier experience with the Titanium Plasma 45?

I am use the table mostly for hobbies and small projects for my Jeep. Rarely am I cutting anything as thick as .25 but I do need to cut that thickness occasionally.

Will the Titanium work well for what I am using it for?

Thanks in advance.

I would not recommend the Titanium 45. There are a lot better plasma cutters out there for less and are CNC ready.


Razorweld 45, Everlast 52i, primeweld cut 60

I love my PrimeWeld CUT60

I 2nd the Cut60.