Tips for my everlast

Bought .06 tips for my machine but didnt come woth electrode can i ise the same electrodes im using for my 1.1 tips cause it wont for at all

You use the same electrode regardless of the nozzle size. If it won’t fire, something else is wrong.

Make sure the electrode moves freely when the cap and nozzle are removed.

Make sure your air is turned on.

Check the Torch firing cable.

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Tried all that Its work just fine with my 1.1 tips but wont with my 0.06 tips

What torch do you have? PTM 60 consumables are different from the PTM80
Just a thought… If you do have a 80 series torch they don’t make. 06 tips for it. I’ve seen… 09 from plasmadyne but 1.0 is the smallest Tecmo tip.


Where did you get the .6 nozzles? Do they look exactly like the 1.1, but with a smaller hole?

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Online and yes