This build is done!

This build was bigger in reality then it was in my head when I started it.
The Langmuir table came through again for me.

I had to cut 80 of a single part without nesting as well as 50 targets and various brackets and tabs.
It took a large amount of welding supplies to get everything glued together.


man thats awesome! can you explain the end brackets. is that for adjustment or is it a master reset mechanism. might have to build me one of these for my back yard…

Those brackets are just for adjusting the trays, it is critical that the targets lean forward against the tray. I figured putting it on dirt I may need to tweak them once in a while if the frost moves it around.
Works like a alternator bracket.

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thats kinda what i figured. would be cool to design it to have one lever u pull or something that resets all of them at once. definetly like it though… :+1:

That is exactly what it does, a 30 foot rope, one pull and all the targets reset. I dont have photos of that setup here with me today.


Here are some shots of the reset mechanism.

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Sweet! …I need build me one of those soon! :smile: