TheGameHasChanged! New to CNC!

I’ve been very encouraged by all the users on this forum. So many of you have a ton of knowledge and experience to bring to the table…lol…table…anyways. up until I finished building my XR last month, I’d never even seen one operate in real life! I’ve been learning so much so fast but it’s been awesome! So since I have no prior experience…the XR is awesome! I did have one issue so far and it was with the torch not firing (sensing voltage) kind of thing…oddly, I think it was just a software update/compatibility issue? in any case, I updated everything and it’s all been working smoothly.

My setup is the plug and play XR with the RW45 and I use fusion 360

I think all the building/assembly instructions were pretty well thought out. I didn’t have issues, but there were moments of pause when trying to figure out some of the directions. the support team is great so, if you’re new like I am, they’re happy to help you…just take your time. I did 90% of the assembly on my own. the actual table took me 2 days but learning the cad and how to make something and ultimately get it to the machine?..I’m still working on that :wink:

Honestly I was pretty intimidated by the whole thing but man is it awesome…as some others have mentioned, bringing it home from Conroe was totally like Christmas morning!

I’m glad to be part of the CNC journey with you all! the help is greatly appreciated!


welcome to the forum…
I have to say…that you state you never saw a CNC or used one before you bought the XR…I am highly impressed that you are posting for the first time and showing your work and your shop and not asking for help…

this just shows that it can be done…with the right mind frame and some basic shop skills, which you have by the way the shop looks…well done.

you did step into a great hobby/business with Plasma and Langmuir…

congratulations and well done!!!


Thank you very much! I started as a mechanic and have worked myself into automation tech work. I’ve always been interested in welding and fab work, so now the two get joined together! it’s so fun. I haven’t asked for help but that doesn’t mean I didn’t need a lot of it! before I started my forum profile I read a lot of what people were going thru and I watched a lot of you tube videos haha :wink: Gotta love YouTubeUniversity! Having never seen a plasma table in person…it was an awesome feeling making my first cuts! With the right mindset, like you say, it can become a reality.