The Grinch is real

OK…so I went into the Fireshare and grabbed the Grinch …loaded it into Inkscape…sized it to 10" high x 6.4" wide…saved it…
then opened it in Sheetcam…and when I select operation of plasma cut as I always do…I get a Grinch with up to 3 start points per line…

grinch 6.44 wide x 10 tall.tap (78.9 KB)

what is wrong…

Probably have some rogue nodes. Check the drawing in Inkscape at the point where sheetcam is doing multiple starts and you’ll probably find some vectors that double over themselves or just random nodes.

Every time I have had this happen to me, it’s been a node out of place or the doubled over path. I’ve seen it in a few files I downloaded and it’s happened to my own drawings when I subtract one element from another and extra nodes get generated to create the remaining path. Just zoom way in.

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I will do that again…but it came right off the Fireshare…would have though it was done without errors

I bet if you individually clicked each line the extra start points won’t be there. It only happens when you highlight and select everything or when you let sheetcam tool path the whole drawing at once. I’ve just gone in and Unselected the additional start points before. You should be able to see them. I bet it’s just a dot of a tool path for each extra start point.

The screenshot you posted looks weird to me. Are all the paths supposed to be doubled like that? Looks like some of the details will drop out. I’ve only seen that when exporting as an svg and leaving a stroke on the paths.

did you do the “unselect” was that is sheetcam or inkscape?

OK I loaded it again into sheetcam…and started playing with the nodes…and found that there are actually 3 layers to the drawing…never saw that before…gotta see if I can pull it apart

reloaded the Grinch into inkscape…did something…not sure what…now I only have 1 layer…

if I can only remeber what I do when I fix these things I think I will be doing good…

I find things go better with scotch…gotta go find some now


I use the add and subtract functions in my design software all the time. It makes a huge difference. I took that crest from the Peruvian flag from a insanely complicated origin file and had it combined in a few clicks.

You would think if it’s on fire share it would be ready to go. I haven’t messed with anything off fireshare though except the bottle opener. I don’t work with dxf at all, only when I convert a file to send out to someone.

I don’t I select anything, I just create one layer for my inside cuts and one for my outside cuts, then click on the paths I want on each and move it to the layer. That way any random nodes that would create their own start point aren’t selected.

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I think you’re just resizing the file too small. This one is 10"x8" and it works fine in sheetcam.
grinch.dxf (1.3 MB)

Uh, you’ll find a lot of ‘not so good’ downloads there… Some people aren’t as diligent as you in checking the quality of the image.

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Only one layer doesn’t guarantee that there aren’t duplicate lines. Fortunately Sheetcam will delete lines that are truly duplicate. What it has problems with is where two lines meet, even in the same path, but the nodes are separate. In this case, even ‘combine’ won’t fix it. You need to do node edit and click on join two nodes to one to truly join them up. After a while you’ll learn to pick those pairs out just by looking at the nodes, they stand out, sort of. Put a selection box around the suspect ‘node’ and if it shows two (or more nodes), you’ll need to join them.


Tom…the man of everlasting wisdom…

yup…pulled the drawing apart and checked for open nodes…gonna try cutting it later…gotta do turkey leftovers…

turkey sandwiches
turkey soup
turkey stew
turkey …any one want some turkey?..


Sorry we did Ham, ham and eggs, ham and bean soup, ham on a stick :rofl:

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We did prime rib & twice baked potatoes. I left the extra potatoes in the oven last night instead of moving them to the fridge. So I had to make rice to go with leftover beef.

Got another rib left for Monday’s dinner because tomorrow is ham :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll be set for leftovers all week :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you getting to the point where you forget the current count, ie ‘Twice’ baked?

If so, then you are in good company! For me, we had an cornucopia of ‘reheat’ at home of a takeout Christmas feast from one of our favorite local restaurants. Unfortunately my daughter’s oven wasn’t up to the task of reheating several aluminum trays of goodies at once. Still, a good time was had by all (other than my poor stressed out daughter), and, in the end, all was “Merry and Bright”! The good news is that I was able to grab a significant percentage of the leftovers! :yum:

Happy Holidays all and enjoy the leftovers! Hmmmm, seems there might still be some Cannoli left in the fridge…

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LOL, my wife’s family isn’t big on Ham, but I love it so…
This year’s feast included Ham. Both I and my two year old granddaughter, much to the chagrin of my daughter, hogged down a significant amount of Ham (no pun intended). Yum!