THC upgrade and consumable life

Just curious if any of you who upgraded to the THC system if you got longer consumable life?

Evening Jack… I can tell you since upgrading to the PRO table with THC from a 2x2 Crossfire without, my consumable life has at least tripled… If you’re considering it for yours, I’d tell you it’s worth it!

Thanks that helps a lot. I’m going to to probably call to order it tomorrow.

What was your shipping time like to receive it? Says 2-3 weeks in the Langmuir Store.

Hi Dylan,
If I remember correctly, it was longer than what was advertised at the time… I didn’t notice much as I was working out of town anyways… Came while I was out. This was some time ago though and I’m sure things have changed a lot… I’d urge you to contact someone who recently ordered and check the lead time… Sorry, to not be of more help… Still worth the wait!!