THC smart voltage issue

Cross posted- Issue seems isolated to the specific part which is odd. G code is fine. Part cuts inside cuts fine 3/16 plate so smart voltage is around 120 and live voltage matches. When smart voltage kicks in on the outside cut it is at 150 so the torch drives way too high to match voltage. Arc never dies but makes a horrible kerf obviously. Have redrawn the part, tried to post process multiple times and I cannot recreate the issue with any other part, but this part does it every time. Any ideas??

I don’t know why it’s doing that, but you can input the 120 for nominal voltage. That takes the smart voltage reading out of the equation.

On another note, the code you posted in the other thread shows that your plunge rate is only 5 ipm. That should be at least 50 IPM.

This is all one tool path correct?

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It is. i double checked to make sure I didn’t have an weird layer issue.

Thank you I will check it out. I took a video I will upload later.