THC raw voltage only reading 12.5V when i do voltage test primweld cut60

i have the primeweld cut 60 and its a approved 2021 model even though the cnc port is on the bottom it was from 2021. anyway i hooked up inside for raw voltage because of all the problems i read that others were having with the cnc port and the divided voltage so i decided to just go in raw, the port pins are to small to hook it up to the cnc port using the leads for the raw voltage provided anyway. so anyway its been working great for like 3 months now then last night my torch kept stopping in the middle of the cut and a alarm would come up saying that the torch head is moving before the thc can read the voltage. so i tried all the trouble shooting advice that it gave me on the sceen played with the piolet arc time and all that and nothing worked. so i did a THC test and and it told after the test that my average arc voltage is 12.5V and thats low i believe it should around 120V. so i have the XR and it came with the plastic mounts for the control box but i checked to see if there was a grounding issue between the usb and the machiene fram cause thats what the test told me could be part of the problem. so i looked up that proceedure and checked for continuity between the usb and the frame there was none. so im asking if anyone else has had this problem or if someone could help me solve this?
thank you for your time

Have you tried a cut without the THC enabled.

Can you take a pic of how you have it connected?

it cuts great when torch hieght is dis abled
i would have to tear the plasma cutter apart to take pics of how i wired it but i wired it exactly how some guy forgot his name made a whole proceedure with pics and everything on this forum. and it worked great for 3 months until the other night.
i just did another THC test and now iy says my average is 21.6V which is still low but double what i had yesterday at 12.5V