THC not showing up in Firecontrol need photos please

I really need some help, I think I have everything wired correctly but have found the instructions not very intuitive. When I go to Firecontrol it seems the software doesn’t even recognize the THC. I bought the Razor45 so I didn’t need to do any internal wiring and I’m running a Crossfire Pro. Because I’m so very visual could someone send me some pictures of their set up so I can verify that I really do have it connected correctly. Thank you so much…

I know this is no help, I have exactly the same problem on a new table I just purchased.

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I’m having a n issue with my torch not firing off when I run the test. I have a titanium 45 which I had to wire into pins 1&2 for the torch control. I have everything wired correctly as far as I know. Red is wired to the ground and black to the torch, the thc chip is installed according to the online instructions. I’m not sure what the problem is any help would be greatly appreciated. Both the table and plasma cutter are brand new

Did you ever get any help with your problem? What test are you running where you expect the torch to fire?

what test are you talking about? if the break in program then that doesn’t fire the torch, it just jogs the X&Y axis’ in a diagonals direction to test the motors and make sure nothing is binding.

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there is a test on firecontrol that allow you to check your torch fire

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