THC not moving while cutting or in dry run

My THC will not work while cutting. It jogs fine but when I do dry run it wont move. Or while operating.

z axis movements are disabled during the dry run.

Does the torch move up and down with the Page Up and Page Down keys in Firecontrol?

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Yes it jogs fine.

Yes it does. I will try it in run mode. Thanks for your help.

Make sure you are using the correct post processor. Which are you using?

Using fire control

Are you using Fusion 360 or SheetCAM to develop your G code. ?

Or was it downloaded from Fireshare?

Fusion 360

May you screenshot and post the very last screen before you make your g code in Fusion 360.

It is the page where you set your Pierce height and cut height.

And or you could also post your G-Code that you ran in Firecontrol.

Well I’m new to this. Im just try to cut out things on the fire share site. I cut it out before and it worked perfectly. Then I purchased the machine torch. Didn’t like the hand held setup. I just received it hooked it up. And noticed that during the dry run test that the torch didn’t move up and down. So maybe it is that it doesn’t work in dry run. I had to leave town for a day or two when I get back I’ll try it in cut mode and see if that’s it. Thanks

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Yes, All the z axis movements will be disabled in dry run mode.

Keep us posted let us know how you make out.

The z axis doesn’t activate in dry run. I would imagine it was intended to make sure you’re cut profile is within the limits of the material on the table. Without arc voltage, other than the initial height sensing and maintaining that torch height, there wouldn’t be anything for the z to follow. It would stay at the same .060” cut height(or whatever you have it set at).

It’s a nice feature when cutting parts out of drops, cut run a quick dry run to make sure you’re on the material before hitting the gobabygo button.

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