THC not connecting to crossfire

HI, everyone so i have a 82 i cnc everlast i hope hooked up the 50:1 NO luck now i just got done hooking up raw right to the lugs in front of the machine NO luck there, do i need to download Mach for some reason any help would be great.

Thank you

Unplug your laptop charger

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gonna try to help here…but need some information

Glad you hooked up to the terminals inside the Plasma for RAW voltage

is your Langmuir table new?..which table is it?
new tables need the FireControl software…not Mach3…Mach3 was replaced by Firecontrol for all newer tables

have you completed all the other set-up and table work?

have you downloaded and installed the drivers for the THC to connect?

HI, yes the table is new langmuir pro table I’m using windows 10 i did down load fire control is there another drive need?

thank you for welcoming me.

if you’re not seeing the THC as green in firecontrol, you’ll need to manually install the driver which is in the downloads section. the THC controller is actually the red board you installed onto the mainboard inside the control box. It has nothing to do with the cabling as far as firecontrol not detecting it.

even with windows10 which should automatically detect it, sometimes you need to manually install the driver.


Thank you i just found out that info . And downloaded it.