Texting on a arc

Can someone tell me if it’s possible to text on an arc in fusion 360

Not without workarounds, I have done something similar to this video before.

You can also do your text one letter at a time on your arc placing it where and how you want it. A pain but doable.

I found an add on in the fusion 360 App Store called “text on arc”. Amazing add on and not that expensive, I think it cost me $5.00. Well worth the money and even better, the creator of the app answers troubleshooting questions. I’m a beginner and this made it super easy. Create a arc or circle, click text on arc, and it allows you to customize spacing size ect…


I have the add on too. Well worth the 5 bucks if your going to use it even once for a project.

Agreed! Well worth the 5 bucks.