Text question...from a different person this time

Ok, trying to make a sign, and I can extrude the file perfectly as long as I don’t explode the text. As soon as I explode the text, part of the file won’t extrude correctly by the right chair and it’s not even near the text.

campfire sign v1.f3d (326.4 KB)

I’ll try to take a look at it on the live streaming about 10 minutes.

6:15pm mst .

That is a weird phenomenon.

I do go through one method of fixing it after the fact in the video.

very strange but when you go to extrude the line appears. just delete the outer line connected it and redo it and all should be resolved.


you only see that hidden line after you explode the text.

That is interesting. You and I looked at that same line. I deleted and redrew this line and it extruded properly. That bridged line could not be selected, however. But either line redrawn got rid of the connection.


Another strange thing… I took the original file and exploded the text w/o changing anything else…exported the DXF. and brought that into SheetCam… No problems doing it that way


So funny…and wonderful…that multiple people were looking and trying to solve.

Well, one more for the SheetCAM column!

Well hold on, that is only if you extrude which you don’t have to do.

I’ll walk through a method using Fusion 360 would be basically the same as sheetCAM can where this flaw would have no impact.

9am mst

toolpaths developed fine not extruding.

still a very weird issue .

@ChelanJim no extra sheet cam points. :joy:


LOL!!! Love it. One for SheetCAM, One for Fusion 360. Tied on this one!

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@TinWhisperer I knew that one would get you back on task…LOL…

I agree with Jim… All tied on this one!! LOL


I don’t know… I think @ChelanJim is better looking than @TinWhisperer and that should count for something.

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Your method did work @TinWhisperer