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Would somebody please respond to my text message so I can verify that I am now actively on the form thank you send

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Got it and replied to myself

It is working.
Welcome to the forums.

cool…someone else who responds to themselves…i thought I was the only one

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Toolbox, you’re funny! Is anyone out there using Qcad for design? My designs are very intricate, lots of splines, not sure if will cut easily. Any suggestions?

Sorry, Toolboy

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Post them so we may have some insight to what you view as intricate and weather or not it may cut “easy”

How do you plan of developing the CAM for your files? This will really determine how “easy” your project will be cut out.

Myself I use Fusion 360 for everything I can so my work flow is streamlined.

Since I don’t have my machine yet (Nov delivery) I’m a bit confused. I’ve downloaded Fusion 360 and taken a look at it. It’s a little more complex then Qcad. Since I haven’t cut anything yet I’m not sure how the torch see’s and reacts to the lines. Does it have an earlier time cutting splines or 50 million arcs? Will it take me forever to set up and cut?
I will start working w/Fusion 360 now.

If you are comfortable with using Qcad or any other drawing program, you can use Sheetcam to create the toolpaths and post process it into G-code that Firecontrol can use.

Sheetcam will have no problem in processing the splines and arcs.

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Hi Ursula,

I didn’t find Fusion too much of a problem to learn. The Langmuir tutorials are a good starting point and really simplified the “process” for me. I got really comfortable with that process by the time mine arrived. There’s also lots of other youtube vids out there. From trying the first time with Fusion to getting a cut ready file shouldn’t take long if you are computer savvy. If not, this could be seriously frustrating but lots of folks on here have dealt with that and are now running fine. Just sayin… :exploding_head:

Couple of things… 1 - Start with simple geometry, both to test your table and yourself and then move up to more complex stuff. Might seem to be a waste of some sheet metal but it’s not in the long run. Better than trashing an intricate sign on your first try.
2 - Expect some frustration but you’ve already made a good choice by reaching out to the forum for input. Lots of good info here and folks are always willing to help out.

That being said, 8 months in with my XL I now use a mix of Fusion for parts, and Inkscape (and I’m learning Affinity Designer) for arty stuff and I paid the $$ for Sheetcam and it’s made my post processing much easier. You’ll learn to to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Lots of folks started with and still use just Fusion.

The gcode that fire control runs to do the actual cutting is basically a text file of XY coordinates to cut so of course the more points, the more it takes to cut it so It’s good to keep your actual points in the file as light as you can but I haven’t had issues with the amount of points giving me trouble and I have made some pretty intricate stuff.

Have fun and enjoy the ride!



You are now active!

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