Test cuts finally, advise?

OK guys, I finally, after a year, have been able to start working with my table and I could use some feedback on cut quality. I started early this morning with a simple square/circle pattern for testing… 2x2 square with 1.25 centered circle. I’m using 11ga steel with the Razorweld cut45 from langmuir. I tried 30a at first but quickly moved to 35a due to poor cut quality. 35a, .060 shim, plenty of air, drier coming off compressor & small unit going into plasma, new. 8 consumables, .08 radius lead ins & outs. The cuts are mediocre in my opinion, I can see where the cuts start/stop, there is a fair amt of bevel on the sides of squares, and the circles aren’t perfectly round. Suggestions? I ran speeds from 35ipm to 65ipm, 60 being the overall best imo. I also made a line test from 40ipm through 70ipm…lines are not pretty, or straight!

What PSI are you running? For 11gauge I’d tweak the below settings;

Small shim .06
100-130 IPM
30-40 Amps
75 psi

Lube your lead screws

100-130 really? That seems fast… I used the cut chart on this forum as a starting reference, I was thinking 65 may have been too fast…

I do 10ga at about 100

OK, when I get a new torch I’ll try it…is. 8 tip a little to small? I’ve got .9 & 1.0 coming now, I figure I’ll bump up to. 9 for 35a-40a and 1.0 above 40a