Taking a jpeg into fusion to cut

how do I do this, I cant turn the image into something cuttable, it wont do anthing even as a dxf file.

A jpeg is a raster graphic thats been compressed. there are no lines to follow like in a vector graphic which is all point to point coordinates. you’ll need to insert the jpg into a sketch then use another sketch on top to trace what you want to cut out with lines and curves

The best that you can do with a Jpeg in fusion is to insert it as a canvas, and scale it to size. After that you can manually sketch over the top of it.

The quicker method would be to use inkscape or illustrator to trace the image, giving you a proper vector file to work with.

You can also use Affinity Photo to get a vector trace around the perimeter of whatever object you’re trying to render (assuming there is enough contrast, that is). Or as @Mike_C suggests, use Inkscape and use Trace Bitmap in the Path menu.

Affinity photo now has a trace option? I’ll have to look into that.

They don’t have a trace command like Inkscape, but you use the Flood Select Tool to select all within a particular color/density range and it will select all within the increasing broader selection criterial, effectively giving you a ‘trace bitmap’ function. There is a good Tutorial on that on the Affinity site.


thanks guys, I ended up getting the image to dxf format, I shift and clicked all of the letters and extruded after i made a border for it. just need to figure out how to get the dxf file to the size that i want…