Table problems fire Controle and y

im using my table and every so often the motors start making a louder sound more like a old printer
its like the y is locking up. i tried to move the y when it did it with the key bord and it would go 1 turn and lock up making the sound.

all so with fire control that i had to use with the limit switches it looses it place and i have to rehome it two times before it would reset where it was at.

well i looked at all the cabals and i didn’t find anything.
it will cut fine and then its like it gets stuck between steps you think it could be a driver?
when i first got the table thy replaced a motor that was doing this on that access and with school i haven’t
used the table that much since then now that I’m out I’m using it more.

If possible, could you send a short video of this issue occurring to Seeing how the machine behaves at different positions of the cut area and hearing the sounds that the motors make when the issue occurs should provide us with some insight into what could be causing this. Without a video of this issue, it sounds like the source of the issue could either be motor coupler slippage or a mechanical bind. Here are some steps you can take in the meantime to narrow down and resolve the issue:

  1. The motor coupler may be loose, not properly gripping the lead screw or the motor shaft. An easy way to check for motor coupler slippage is to take a sharpie marker and make three dots that are lined up to one another: one dot on the motor coupler, another dot directly next to it on the motor shaft, and another dot directly next to it on the lead screw. If the dots do not stay aligned to one another as the machine jogs, the cause of the issue is definitely related to motor coupler tightness. Try tightening the set screws in the motor coupler until they cannot be tightened any more.

  2. The lead screw may be dry. Lubricate with machine oil and jog the machine to ensure that lubricant also gets into the threading of the lead nuts.

  3. An incorrect bearing mount might have been used. The X-axis motor and bearing mounts are shorter than those used by the Y-axis. Measure the bearing mounts on your machine and confirm that the X-axis bearing mount is not the same length as the Y-axis bearing mounts, and that the length of the Y-axis bearing mounts is identical to one another.

  4. The Y-axis carriages might need to be realigned to one another. Click here to be taken to step 5 of the CrossFire PRO assembly instructions, which shows this process. This only applies to the CrossFire PRO machine.

  5. The motor or bearing mounts may be out of square, causing a slight flex in the lead screw. Visually inspect that the mounts are mounted onto the gantry rails as square as possible, using a protractor if necessary.

  6. The lead screw may be bent. Uninstall the lead screw and check it for a bend by rolling the lead screws along a clean, flat surface. If you identify a bend, try to straighten it by using light hand force.

  7. The lead nut might be improperly installed on the lead screw. Uninstall the lead screw from the machine, then uninstall the lead nut from the lead screw. Compress the spring on the lead nut to fully open it, and keep the spring compressed while you install it onto the lead screw.

  8. The lead nut mount tab may be out of square. This is an extremely rare issue, and you can identify it by loosening the four bolts and nuts that mount the lead nut until the lead nut can be wiggled around by hand. Once the lead nut is mounted slightly loose, attempt to jog the machine.

  9. One of the motor plugs might have experienced arc damage, or has a loose connection to the motor port. This is a much more uncommon issue. With the CNC electronics enclosure powered off, disconnect the motors from the motor ports and inspect them for signs of arc damage. Arc damage would present as burning, melting, charring, darkened areas, etc. If no damage is present, reconnect the motor plugs to the motor ports and secure the connection using the D-sub screws. Ensure there is no play at the motor connections when the D-sub screws are tight.

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ha ha ya i went throw all that when you replaced the last motor its not any of that.
you sent me a new coupler as well and i put witness marks on it the motor and shaft to see if its slips.
its rock solid I’m not complaining i like this table and you all have been good to deal with!
I will send a video when it dose is next.
I’m hopping to add a THC to the table i would like to figure the motor problem out so if any one out there has had this happen what did thy find?