Swapping axis on the table

Is it possible to swap axis on the tables? What I am trying to do is turn my table 90 degrees and still be able to orient my parts on the table the same way.

It is as Simple as swapping the plugs on the control box?

No you can’t simply swap plugs on the table without also changing direction pulses in motor tuning. However, it sounds like you just want to reorient your program 90 degrees? If so you can do that in Mach- I believe someone has posted a how to on the forum.

Insert this in the beginning of your G-Code:

G68 R90

That will rotate your part 90 degrees counterclockwise.


Ohhhhh thank you!!!

My TAP file has 4 toolpaths. Do I insert this as the first line of code for the whole file or for each separate toolpath?