Success at last!

After working through a few problems I had my Crossfire XL running well sans Plasma Cutter. This morning I hooked up the RW 45 CNC and did a manual test fire which indicated the ports were not reversed on my machine. I nested the enlarged laptop stand with a single grinder holder and the MT60 mount with Deepnest.IO and post processed with Sheetcam. I loaded the program and with great trepidation hit “Start”. What occurred next was several minutes of bliss as the torch cut through the 0.125" cold rolled steel without a hiccup. I will have to hit the parts with a wheel to clean them up a bit but the dross was minimal. I was surprised at how dirty the coolant got with cutting one sheet (2’x3’). I cleaned the pan but next time will plan 5 or 6 sheets at the same time.

I learned several things with this first cut; a 5HP 30 Gal compressor is boarderline at best and I wish I had have gotten a larger compressor. When this one wears out I will get a 60 or 80 gallon compressor.

A section of screen needs to be placed over the drain to keep large pieces of dross from clogging the drain valve, it’s a PITA to have to clear debris to drain the pan.

All in all I am pleased to have worked through the bugs (with the help of Langmuir and several on this Forum) and to have a successful first run!!! Looking forward to many more.


Nice, well done!
I’ve found that the fastest way to remove dross is with a metal paint scraper, it “chisels off” very quickly and easily, even quicker than my wire-wheel can do it and with minimal tooling marks on the surface.


Congrats! Welcome to the madness!

A number of us cover the drain with a scotchbrite pad. Keeps the big stuff out of the drain and seems to last a long time. Wedged under the nearest slats keeps it in position.


GREAT idea! I will try the scotchbrite pad! Thanks for sharing.

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I tried freehand cutting 2 - 1/4" plates at the same time and the 2 plates welded themselves together. I would suggest cutting only 1 sheet at a time.

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My post was a little misleading, I meant 5 or 6 plates in the same session. I can sure see how they could get stuck together if tried at the same time!!!

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