Still waiting! Got machine now waiting on plasma

Just received my last box to my machine and now have to wait 2 to 6 weeks for my plasma cutter. The company never said anything about waiting on plasma. I ordered in January. Should I wait for my razor 45 or buy another kind?

I hate to wait! :crazy_face:

The prime weld cut 60’s are in stock. Mine arrived in 3 days, upgrading from the razor weld 45.

The razor never skipped a heart beat to be fair. Just wanted more power to cut half inch faster and the plus was the machine torch is cross compatible.

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I cancelled my Razorweld and bought an Everlast 52i for the same money. It was delivered in 5 days. It’s not plug and play, like the Razorweld, but it has a higher duty cycle.

as I tell everyone…the Everlast units have been found to not always have accurate divided voltage outputs…it is always better if you can to tap right into the torch and clamp leads inside the plasma unit for true accurate readings…I did it and I have never had a THC issue.

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I saw your earlier posts and did the same. No THC problems here.

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Thanks for the input

Thanks, I am just thinking about waiting. I am just bummed out.

My plasma cutter is on its way! This company really listens to the customer.

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Play with CAD and SheetCam in the interim. :nerd_face:

I’m in the same boat. They were quick in getting the table, water table and XL kit sent, but I’m worried that I might be waiting a lot longer on the cutter! I’m hoping that they just got a huge shipment of them in since yours just shipped.

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