Stencil Fonts and Incorrect Toolpath Generation

I get an error message when trying to generate a toolpath with the majority of the stencil fonts I downloaded due to linking constraints. Toolpath skips parts of several letters.

What should I look at altering to correct this error?

Reduce your lead in/out distance and set pierce clearance to zero.

If it can’t fit the combination of lead in/out and pierce clearance, it will discard the cut loop


Success …
Thank You Kindly, ds690 !

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just because it will generate now don’t mean your cut out will survive the cut. Sound like you’re cutting pretty small letters. might look into fine cut tip and making sure you have your kerf and speed/amperage correct for thickness of metal. send some pics

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That’s interesting.
I’m wrong then in assuming if I can get a “no error” setup and tool path that I’d be good to go to FireControl for the cut. I’ll take a look at those parameters you suggest checking.

Learning as I go.

Are there any signs that would suggest an improper cut that can be seen by zooming in on certain sections of the tool path viewing the cut line and kerf width delineations?

Trying to avoid scrap bin test cuts.

At this point, I’m downloading some stencil .ttf fonts for the windows font file to use in F360 and doing some quick F360 test projects to generate toolpaths and seeing how that goes.

Please don’t get me wrong “No errors” is important. Letters can be tricky

I like to keep about an 1/8" of material between cuts, to prevent the material from being burned away during cutting. Trying to cut small stenciled letters may not leave enough material in the bridged sections of the letters, resulting in the bridges being burned away and the center of the letter falling out.