Stainless vs Aluminum water table

I just bought a used Crossfire. The guy said he bought it in Jul 2019. From what I have read it looks like stainless steel water tables were standard at this time. How can I tell if mine is stainless or aluminum?


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Welcome Brendin and congrats on the Crossfire, they are great machines.
Just take any magnet and stick it to it, if it does not stick it is either stainless or aluminum.
Big help huh? Lol
Hit it with a file, it will cut in deep if it is aluminum, kind of skate off if it is stainless.
Lots of good info on this forum to help you along.


Find a scrap of mild steel (a magnet WILL stick to it) and drag a corner of it across a section of the table above the water line. If it scratches the table, the table is aluminum. If it merely cleans off the crud, the table is stainless steel.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I did try the magnet (some stainless will stick). The serial no on mine is 122XX (removed last 2 digits). Not sure if that helps anyone narrow down the manufacture date. From what I read they started shipping stainless steel beds at the beginning of 2019.


The file doesn’t scratch it. Just kind of weird as it isn’t a shiny stainless but has a white film (oxidation?) on it. Almost makes it look like aluminum.

I bought my OG CF in June-July of 2019 and the water table was stainless…

I think it be aluminum ones came with zinc block to inhibit pitting and rusting out or whatever aluminum does.

Thanks my serial is 122XX (XX redacted) compared to yours does that look to be right for the Jun/Jul 2019 batch? Of course I am assuming they are sequentially numbering them.

Idk, I sold it already… using the Pro now…

I would assume that if it was aluminum it would be pitted due to the reactivty it has with other metals.