Spindle Assembly 3D Model + Other 3D models

So, I have a few modifications in mind that I want to do with this machine as it is a very capable machine of accepting mods. Adding an ATC would be amazing but the Langmuir Software probably won’t accept a command for an ATC as part of a code for a job. SO, I was hoping if Langmuir could supply me with the 3d models of the whole spindle assembly along with the 3d model for the 10" vice. And, what kind of belt is used inside of the spindle housing? Is it toothed, flat or v belt?

Also, in regards to adding more Z height, the simplest way of doing so would be adding “spacer” blocks on top of each y axis carriage in order to lift the z height but it hinder the capability of the spindle getting close to the bed.

Lastly, can the boards inside of the electronics casing accept one or two more stepper drivers that would be controlled through CutControl, as increasing Z height will add the capability of adding a 4th axis maybe even a mini 5th axis rotary table.

The vise model is available on grabcad.com It’s not exact but close enough to use. Here is a link for fusion that I downloaded:

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