Spark barrier around the table...what material?

I’m looking for some advice from those who have been running these tables for awhile. I plan to hang a curtain around my table to keep sparks from getting where they shouldn’t be.

I don’t know what to expect as far as the amount of sparks. I doubt I’ll ever do much thicker than 1/4" and usually much thinner. I plan on the curtain being not much larger than the size of the table, so the curtain will be in fairly close proximity to the torch.

Is the semi-transparent weld curtain material OK, or do I need to be looking at fiberglass weld blankets for curtain material?

Bump. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

transparent weld curtain will be plenty and they are cheap and most quality ones are fire retardant anyways.

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I appreciate the advice, mooty. Weld curtain material on the way. :+1:t2:

I used the 6’X6’ weld blankets from HF. I used stainless steel shower hooks which slide on 3/4 EMT. A support rod is used in the middle and the blankets slide to the middle towards the support foe the EMT. It works great keeping sparks down and dust from the rest of the shop awat from the CNC table.

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I’ve considered those HF weld blankets. Do they shed fiberglass slivers at all? I saw some complaints about this from different weld blankets on line.

I had one of the HF weld blankets for general welding, and yes, they shed. It seemed to get worse with age. I threw it away just so I wouldn’t be tempted to keep using it.

Mine was bought close to 5 years ago, but it was one of the heavy weight, white, fiberglass blankets.

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