Some of the brackets I have made for my 4Runner

I have been rebuilding my offroad 4Runner, and it is finally ready to hit the trails again.

And recently having the crossfire has been a huge help in making some of the brackets.

Front bump stops, 11 gauge steel.

A new switch panel that mounts to the factory radio brackets

Lower shock mounts, which I first tested using my laser cutter in plywood.

Power steering cooler brackets

Bracket to mount my rear proportioning valve

A bracket that holds my air intake/AFM

Thats everything that I have pictures of, but I’ve also used it to make some other brackets on the truck.


Awsome man, good job​:+1::facepunch:

Bad ass, great work. I have an 01 Grand Cherokee on a 4.5" long arm lift and I’m going to start doing custom projects with the Crossfire after I get my air dryer and compressor set up this month. Planning on doing a few small projects like a battery holder and rocker switch box then some bigger stuff like a truss and 4 link for the rear and a rear bumper.

Alright, now I got a teaser of the copper paint, lets see the rest! My truggy is House of Kolor copper metallic

Its a factory color, but is a rare color option.

Its a 1985 SR5 model. Factory solid front axle, fuel injection, power windows, sun roof, and a bunch of other interior details. Running dual Tcases, front and rear lockers, longfield axles.

Currently I am working on setting up new diff gears, as I busted the front ring gear.

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I love using House of Kolor paints

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