SOLVED - Jogging Crossfire Pro

Finally got to point wher I could jog machine. Zeroed both axis and tightened up lead screw. Machine bound up in z axis. Found out my lead screw was broken…
Has anyone else had this happen?
Before I tightened the lead screw everything was loose and moved good.
Any help appreciated

send an email to the support line…they should be able to help you

I did send an e- mail. Waiting for a response. They have always taken care of issues and I expect to get taken care of. Thanks

I found during assembly that my X axis lead nut was broken. I found a previous post where @langmuir-daniel suggested that the user continue with the assembly and try running it so that’s what I did. My machine still operated fine with the broken nut and was able to run the break in program.

I emailed support Sunday night and had a response from @langmuir-aksel by Monday afternoon and shipping notice by Tuesday night.

Obviously a broken lead screw is a different animal but in my experience they will take care of you.

As @toolboy said email support, they are helpful and prompt. The sooner you reach out to them the sooner they can get you taken care of.

Good luck



Thanks for the reply. I was jogging it for the first time and noticed the x axis was locking up when I tried to jog the x and y axis. It was locking up on the x axis and I noticed the bolt had broken the ear off. Those bolts are too tight on that Bakelite material. They should rethink that design on the bracket that holds it.
My x and y axis ran good until I tightened up x axis bolts. Y axis runs goods .
I am still very new to this CNC stuff.
Maybe some day I will get to cut something.LOL!!

I received an email from tech support yesterday and my replacement part is on the way. This is a great company to deal with.
If the people that are still trying to decide to buy a plasma table, get off the fence and get your credit card out. Lol!! . Buy from Langmuir

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this is good to hear…
I bought my table in the first release of the Pro…and I did have a few hiccups and Langmuir was outstanding in solving them…andI have been problem free for well over a year now…

My new lead screw will be here at my house in Oklahoma today. That is fast service from Langmuir. They are a great company to deal with.
I haven’t even got to fire my machine up yet. Lol!!
I received it in the first week of Nov.
May get to run break in program this week​:grinning::grinning:

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