[SOLVED] Cuts loose zero position and 300 ipm only jogs

You can download and use version 20.6.2 from the downloads page. That version doesn’t need anything extra to work with your display.

Jogging the machine in continuous mode requires the key to be held down to move. Hold the key down to move, release the key to stop. Is that what is happening?

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When i hold down any arrow in 300 ipm continuous mode it moves 1 inch and stops until i let the arrow key go and tap it again. Keep in mind it is in continuous mode. I move the ipm to 200 or any other speed it moves with the arrow keys just fine

A much clearer explanation. I can’t explain why it would do that. Try downloading 20.6.2 and use that. It was a very stable version of the Firecontrol program and I am still using it.

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Be sure to completely uninstall the new version.

Will do, i will do it now

Same issue with 300 ipm speed only will jog while in continuous mode

Going to try a different dxf file from langmuir site and see if it will work correct. Using a sharpie. Plasma cutter off with breaker off. I woll post picture after it finishes

This is how every nc. File cuts, resets zero position and overlaps every cut

Did you say your previous plasma was a high frequency?

Yes but never cut with it

Good was wondering if damage to box may have occurred. So it actually resets your zeros in fc?

Was in process of setting up and a guy pointed it out to me that my plamsa cutter wasnt compatable. So it took me a couple weeks to buy a different one

Yes, i can watch the x and y position reset

Any chance a key on keyboard or mouse stuck?