SOLD - Brand new Crossfire for sale - Canada - Quebec


I have a brand new in box Crossfire sitting in my garage, unopened. Water table and laptop stand included. Its been sitting there for the last year. I have too many projects going on.

Looking to sell in Canada, ideally locally (Quebec city).

I’m not sure what’s a fair price for this in Canada, considering these are costly to import/ship here. Contact me to discuss.

I’m not local, I live in Chicago. However, I am looking to buy a table and with what’s going on now I don’t think I want to shell out $3,200 for the CF Pro and wait till January or March for it. If you are willing to entertain the idea of shipping it, I’d like to at least see if we could work something out.
The Crossfire XL w/ pan,computer stand and SheetCam Cam software is $2000 w/shipping.
The Crossfire w/ pan and base software is $1600 w/shipping.
I’ll start at $700 with shipping unless it’s the XL.
Everyone is waiting on the Pro and dumping their used first and second CF’s and I just want to start with something brand new that won’t kill my budget especially with what is about to happen here in the USA.
Thank you for your time I know I’m a pain in the ass but I’m also the kindest and take care of who takes care of me. Hell I’d be will to fabricate for you and ship it up to you.
Christopher Segar


Thank you for your interest. However, with the outrageous shipping rates to the US and the customs, I prefer to try and sell it locally or at least in the country.

I hope you’ll find something closer to home!

Thanks again,

I live in Newfoundland and I have the crossfire pro, it cost almost $900 in custom fees alone, So I do understand why you should sell in the country.

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Thanks for the reply and yes that’s an insane cost for custom fees.

Hello I’m on the south shore of Montréal looking to buy but like mentioned with the shipping costs I would be interested by your table for sure was looking for a pro …what size is the table?


Its the original Crossfire so 25.3” (X) x 23.3” (Y)

Contact me via PM we can discuss. I speak French as well if needed.

Since we are both new, I’m not sure if we can private message each other. :face_with_monocle:

I think you only need a few posts (4 IIRC) to be able to PM. Chat it up between yourselves in this thread for a couple of posts and then you should be ok. En Francaise, si vous le souhaitez. The rest of us can mute this thread.

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Merci TomWS.

I just enabled PMs with some browsing around the forum and reading threads.

This is still available

TomWS, I am french canadian and this reply made my day :grinning:


SOLD locally, thank you