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Hi! Just placed my order and have 2 months to learn the software before it shows up. :smile:

Q. What is the best workflow for art pieces?

Based on this…

  1. Design in Adobe Illustrator (I have lots of experience in this program)
  2. Import vector graphic into Fusion 360 to generate G script

Then I’m at a loss…does the G script get imported into Fire Control and then run?

Thank you!

Welcome to The forum.

That’s a great start to your workflow.

Using Adobe illustrator to create a SVG.

Importing that SVG into fusion 360.

After moving that design through the CAD "design workspace "environment
In fusion 360.

You’ll run it through the CAM environment " manufacturing workspace" to create tool paths

Once these tool pods have been generated with the proper post processor installed into fusion you can then generate g code.

The G-Code will be a NC file.

This NC file is fire control can work with ( or tap file). loaded up and start cutting.


An alternative workflow.

Export your SVG from Adobe

Import that SVG into sheet cam.

Generate tool paths and sheet cam.

Then create g code.

Load that G-Code into fire control

You’re not at a loss at all that’s exactly what you want to be doing.

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A lot of guys like using inkscape for design .mostly I think it being free is a big draw.

Myself I try to do everything in fusion 360. But I’m glutton for punishment.

Thank you Tin!

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