Software upgrade

I loaded the new 20.6 version of Fire Control. Now only one of my Y axis motors operates. I swapped connectors and both motors work. It appears that one of the Y axis ports is not working. Its has been working fine previous to loading the new version. i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same result. Please help.

I updated my fire control the machine lost position, and now I need a X axis nut.
I mean destroyed it X axis nut threads are laying in the water table.
So when you update software
1 disconnect the machine
2 restart computer
3 then reconnect and reset home
And I’ll be installing end limit switches looks like it will cost about as much as 1 nut

reach out to Langmuir with a photo on their support email…they might be able to help quickly

New X axis nut on the way 18 bucks with shipping very reasonable.
the ones I was looking at on Ebay were higher with no holes.
I take full credit for my own crashes. I’ve made a few in 40 years of machining.
I’m sure I’ll make more. This machine is getting a kill switch for the steppers and end limit switches