Software not protecting probe - solved

Last night I had a beautiful ruby explosion and that probed (excuse the pun) the depths of the nastiest vocabulary I have that the neighbours could almost certainly hear through my garage walls.

The software does not respond fast enough when the probe encounters an unexpected obstacle. I’m not sure if this is due to Cutcontrol (v22.1) or the software running or the machine controller (v1.3). I did a post analysis and was able to reproduce the issue. Notice the second time the probe comes down the Z axis it stops too late. Cardboard can be forgiving, but trust me, my vise was not: MR1 Probe fail - YouTube

I’m a little disappointed that I have to shelf out $50 for a new tip for something as this that could simply be avoided.

Other issues I observed with the probe:

  1. No clear instructions on adjusting runout. The first time I tried adjusting the setscrews I almost stripped them. I then later learned the housing just has to be loosened a bit with the 4x small bolts. Afterwards I tightened up the bolts again
  2. My tip could move around and have a permanent offset of approx. 5 mil. l learned this after adjusting the runout almost perfectly. Simply taking away the dial indicator (without removing the probe) and putting it back again made the runout suddenly way off. What really happened is that the dial indicator bumped the stylus and it shifted. I later learned through trial and error that loosening one of the three bottom screws on the housing fixed this and then it only shifted that runout was off about 0.5mil.

I just want to add that I do not mind. I’m an early adopter and I knew that this machine will have some issues. Kudos to the Langmuir team for making a great product. I just want to warn others so they don’t break their tips and I’m sure Langmuir could potentially fix this issue easily. I probably did operate it like an idiot, but you know others will do the same…

I was contemplating converting a grizzly into a cnc or doing my own, but the time it would take me to iron out all the issues etc. it is definitely well worth the money buying the MR-1.

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@ferrite Please reach out to support for the probe tip. The new release of CutControl makes it impossible to crash the probe on a positional move. Also, I watched your video, you can’t probe on something that is not rigid that is why you are getting the error. The probe is very sensitive to small movements on the double tap when it senses final position. Hope this helps!


Do we have a date for the new Cutcontrol release?


Mike thank you, I really appreciate you guys sending me a replacement tip. The support is awesome. I used a cardboard just to demonstrate what I think happened when it hit my vise, not sure what really happened, who knows. I have used the latest firmware with CutControl and I’m looking forward to a new release with the fix.

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