Software and machine learning

I just ordered the pro machine and these tutorials r nice but are there any manuals for the machine and software such as mach 3 and fusion?

not really, but it really help to take notes while you watch the tutorial. they are a bit of a pain for reference.

No manuals that I know of but once your over the hump and get your mind twisted into their way of thinking it all comes pretty easy.
Taking notes was a must for me, I am fairly dense when it comes to computer stuff but I got it.
Videos will drive you nuts to find one small detail, also a cell phone or tablet running the video while your following along with the computer makes it much easier.

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What good are these tutorials? My software looks nothing like they’re I have no model workspace ? If this is what this is gonna be like I might have to cancel this pro?

They are working on new videos, that fusion update just came out. On the top right hand corner of your screen in fusion click on your name then click around and you will find a way to turn the screen back to the old style, the way it is in the videos.

Fusion is not a Langmuir product, nor is it the only solution to do design & toolpathing that works with the Crossfire. Unfortunately Langmuir is at the mercy of Autodesk when it comes to software updates to Fusion.

In fact, if you’re not familiar with 3D CAD design you may find a combination of Inkscape & Sheetcam us easier for you to wrap your head around. Lots of folks here using that combo.

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