So many headaches

So I’ve had my crossfire pro set up for 5 weeks now and I still cannot figure out how keep it cutting. Either pierce delay (which I am learning to adjust now) OR the THC isn’t working properly. after every cut it automatically raises and I lose voltage and shuts off… So frustrated with it. Metal is not cheap anymore and I keep burning it up. Doing a dry run the THC doesn’t move but cutting does.

which cutter do you have?

PrimeWeld 60

are you using the THC via divided voltage from the CPC port or RAW voltage from inside the cutter?

Yes using the CPC port

are you using fusion or sheetcam to post process? post a pic of your settings.

fusion 360

What settings?

your tool settings where it shows pierce delay cut height, etc.

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So the Primeweld 60 isn’t on the approved cutter list due to noise issues. But there are lots of people who run it. Post a picture of your setup (location of cutter to the control box), where your computer is in relation to everything, ….

If you’re running a laptop, unplug the computer when cutting and see what happens. I cannot cut on mine with my laptop plugged in - THC errors out EVERY cut if plugged in, but when unplugged, I literally NEVER have THC issues. That’s not an issue I had with my Razorweld, and nothing moved location, so it’s Primeweld-related.

The next step would be to move away from the divided voltage in the CPC cable and wire it to raw voltage in the machine. There are several other threads and write-ups about this, but need to figure out where your issue lies, first.

As for steel being expensive, quit trying to cut large things. Start with a 1” square and a 1” circle and cut repeatedly until you get it working and dialed in. Don’t go for “the big finish” to start. Gotta learn to crawl before you walk.

Lastly, pierce delay for 14ga is 0.75 / 0.8 for me. Anything less than 0.7 and it doesn’t fully pierce and I get THC issues.

Good advice above. I’ve been running a PrimeWeld CUT60 on my machine over a year now and she’s dialed-in perfectly.
Electronics cabinet electrically isolated from the table, USB cables with ferrite beads, computer isolated from ground, CUT60 as far from the table and computer as the cables would allow. Air Pressure Static 80psi (it drops some when cutting)

My settings for 16g and 14g are as follows:
Amps 31
Cut Height 0.06
Pierce Delay 200ms
Feedrate 110 ipm
Lead-in and Lead-out Arc

Use this as base settings and tweak to suit
This project was a 14g cut two days ago


I also have a Cut 60 and I use the Cpc plug . I use the Raw voltage Pins (see Pin out). I do not have special usb cable, the trigger wire is 20 ft long .
The voltage I use for the THC is 55 and I have cut stainless, regular steel and aluminum , even old refrigerator sheet metal .
I think the real thing is to do several test cuts to figure out the real cutting voltage during the cut.

can you show pics of how you wired that in? did you use the provided banana connectors? just curious.

I used the raw voltage pins on the VIM box and here is the pin out on the cnc
/home/gb/Downloads/Screenshot 2021-10-31 at 14-11-25

I used pins 5 and 7 for the raw voltage. 5 is plus and 7 is negative.
The voltage reads about 77 during the test. The running voltage I had during a cut at 30 amps was 55 I set the THC at 55 with a 1 volt tolerance and a sample size of 150.
The control wire is 20 feet long between my cutter and the tabl.
Again doing a test cut will provide the best voltage setting for your application.
Hope this helps.

I did use the banana plugs for the Vim box . I use pins 1and 2 for the trigger wires.