Small improvement requests

I love FireContorl and I believe it’s a very good program. However I would like to suggest few small improvements:

  • Add an option to disable modal dialogs for example at the end of a cut. I would like to be able to move the torch right away at the end of a cut without having to hit “enter”. Same thing when I want to load a new file, I find it infuriating that it asks for confirmation before I can load another one. I am not saying those dialogs shouldn’t be there but I’d like a way to disable them

  • Shortcuts keys to change the speed - many of use use a gamepad to jog around as a sort of pendant. Movements can be mapped with software like antimicro, but there is no way as far as I know to change jog speed. I typically use 100-300IPM to move the torch across the table and then 10-50IPM to do fine positioning, and each time I need to go at the computer to change the speed with the mouse.

  • Native gamepad support; using the “analog” jog to move the torch with proportional speed

  • Let Firecontrol work (as in allow loading of files to be checked, access configuration etc) also when NOT connected to the Crossfire controller. Sometimes I’d like to load the G-code and make sure Firecontrol likes it even if I’m in the office, not connected to the table.


I agree with the last one also. There’s been times where I’ve rushed through sheet cam and when loaded to fire control I could see the error. ( like changing the letters in a sign onto a different layer and forgetting to add that layer to the cut) Would be nice to be able to view the code and preview without the machine connected.

These are all good requests. Regarding the first one, if you click any jog button it will clear the ‘program complete’ message similar to selecting ok.

Oh I’ll try the movement to clear and jog. Still, the confirmation when I want to open a new file drives me crazy :smiley:

I’m using a touchscreen and have touched the jog button but it just makes the “error “ sound and the dialogue box flashes. May just be touchscreen thing.

I’ve tried moving the torch after the cut, and the only thing it does is give a error sound. Only by pressing enter key or clicking on the dialog box, I was able to move the torch. Just my two cents.

Yeah me too, unfortunately I confirm what @langmuir-daniel has said does NOT work (21.1.2, win10)

I tried this myself and you are correct- FireControl used to have this functionality but somewhere along the way it was lost. We’re putting it back in for the next release.

I’m still using 20.6.1

And the arrow keys will clear the screen’s message and start moving the torch.

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+1 to the checking files in Firecontrol without being connected to a machine. My machine is at the shop but the majority of my CAD/CAM work I do at home. Just last night I was making some tweaks to a program and wanted to make sure it posted everything correctly (it didn’t) but had to wait until today to get back to the machine to check on it.

I found that sheetcam is my best friend when it comes to checking my work.
I can turn on and off toolpaths…see where they might cause problems…and when I need to I can make the material the size I want and make sure it fits…I can even pattern…

as for the gamepad…I just bought a wired numeric keypad…works great for jogging…but I woul dlike shortcut keys for jogging speed…that would be helpful

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