Simplest Cad for begineers just 2d view?

Going to get a CFpro and Im not familiar with Cad whats the best Cad for simple drawing and to learn ? That would download to sheetcam ?

Solid Edge has Free2D CAD at no cost. I have downloaded it, but not tried it yet.

I’ve been using ViaCAD 2D (around $70 one time fee) for a year or two, youtube videos will get to up to speed, Never had any issues and the exported files have been successful in Sheetcam.

Others can chime in on more options.

Fusion 360 is easy. You just have to pay attention to the small stuff.

I use libreCAD with reasonable success. It is a little odd to learn, tho that may be true of any CAD software.

I use sheetcam to take the design files to machine code.