Shout out to Langmuir

Hi Guys & Girls i just want to give a shout out to the tech support at Langmuir Systems. I have the first OG table in Australia and have had it for … Well i think it must be nearly three years know i think as i was in the 1st batch, anyway i have heavily modified my table too take full sheets and when the THC upgrade became available i purchased one immediately but when i got it i did not have time to install it for around six months due to how busy we are.
I finally installed it around October last year and had nothing but trouble with it, but because we are so busy i had no time to trouble shoot until Christmas so after doing all the test we still could not get it working so i contacted Langmuir with all the test results.

Their advice was i needed a USB isolator and they shipped me one straight away.

It arrived nearly 2months ago now but i only just got time to reinstall the system with the USB isolator and instant success it has solved all the issues we were having.


Glad you had such success and that you’ve acknowledged it! Good on you!

You might want to include @langmuirsystems in your posts if you want to catch their attention. Putting an ‘@’ in front of their username will flag them.

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