Sheetcam update problem

Updated sheetcam yesterday and now can not use it as there are green lines across the screen. can not go back to preveious version how do i fix this have work to do and can not do it because of this.

It would help others help you if you tell us which version you updated from and which version you updated to and what kind of system you’re running on. Punctuation would help too.

Old ancient proverb: Don’t update working software when you have work to do.

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updated to 7.1.11
not sure think it was 7.1.10 before update
was thinking about trying to reinstall it but will my license still work.

You probably shouldn’t be using any version with a ‘1’ as the second digit. Those development versions and are not stable. You should be able to uninstall SheetCam, but don’t uninstall your settings, just the program. Then download the latest ‘7.0.x’ version and install that. License and your settings should be ok.

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Some graphics cards seem to have this issue. In 7.1.11 I made a small change to the graphics that seemed pretty benign. Obviously it upset your display driver. You can install 7.1.10 from here V7.1.10
Unfortunately as I can’t replicate the fault I am shooting in the dark a bit when trying to fix it. I have made some more changes which I suspect may help. This will be in 7.1.12 which is hopefully due out next week.



I would listen and do what LesNewell suggests…he owns and developed Sheetcam…

Very Interesting! :nerd_face: