SheetCam pausing at the end of cuts

I have the Vipercut 30i and it has a 3 minutes run time before needing to cool for 7 minutes at 30 amps. I am running into issue where some of my cuts are taking longer than 3 minutes. I know I could reduce the amps to have a longer run time but I found 30 amps at 100 IPM cuts well on the metal I am using. Does anyone know of a way or method to pause at the end of certain cuts?

there are several rules in Sheetcam that can be set. Here is a video that might help you out. There may be some rules for pausing after the cut for a period of time

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I maybe speaking out of turn here, but would an additional
fan near by help with air flow though the case ( e.g. window

From my understanding of a duty cycle I am maxing out the limitations of the plasma cutter I have by running it for 3 minutes at its max amps, 30. A fan may be useful in a situation where overheating was an issue

When you go into tool setup, you can delay after cut there. But you will have to define the cuts with that specific tool and then define the rest of your cuts with another tool.

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