Sheetcam or not

Assuming Sheetcam does not arrive in July with my Pro. Should I or shouldn’t I purchase it? 30 year journeyman electrician. PLC logic and some computer skills. NO CNC or G code experience.

you can download sheetcam before you get your table. trial version works with up to 150 lines of code i believe. Anything more complex, then you’ll need to purchase the full version.

I played with demo and did tutorials on YouTube (search Arclight Dynamics Sheetcam) while I waited on my table. Didn’t cost anything to do the demos to see if it was something I liked. Liked it and bought a license. If you decide you like it, you can buy it thru Langmuir and I think there’s a discount but not sure.

Thank you. At least Laingmuir will take ISA currency. Sheetcam is a uro prfuct

Sheetcam is perfectly happy to take your $$$.

Sheetcam and LibreCAD, which is free, is all you need. Cleaning up crap from Inkscape is too labor intensive. Most of the stuff online isn’t drawn very well either. I’ve started creating from scratch vs. importing images. The lines are straighter, cleaner, and I think they cut faster.