Sheetcam lessons

New to CNC and struggling with Inkscape and sheetcam. Anyone offering lessons? As I am just not catching on via YouTube and such. I am in north east Florida, north of Jacksonville. Career as longtime weldor fabricator… thanks

Which youtube videos have you tried? I found the Arclight Dynamics Sheetcam videos were quite good and gave me most everything I needed. You will notice some Sheetcam interface changes but for the most part they get the basics covered for plasma cutting.

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Yeah the arcliight is the best so far… having no computer experience is not helping lol.

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Sheet Cam is very easy to learn and use, so if you are struggling with it then you are in for a lot of frustration.

Hello Found…

Why don’t we start out with a simple design and go from there… No need to make it complicated right off the start. Regardless of the design, workflow will remain the same. We’ll get you cutting!! Where are you getting hung up?