SheetCam,Inkscape,or something else?

My Pro table is still a few weeks out i’m comfortable with Fusion i came from Master Cam so just wanted some input on which way to go with a companion software program so i would like to hear pro’s & con’s on the above or even some other program. Thamks

Depends on what you’ll be doing. Vector drawing programs are the way to go for artwork, and Sheetcam loves svg files.

But, finding a way to use what you already know is the best way to go. That’s how I ended up using a vector drawing program for everything, even technical parts.

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I agree with Mr.B fox…

there are only 2 current post processors that I am aware of that are compatible with FireControl…Sheetcam and conFusion360

It’s browndog now.

Thanks Guy’s
Going to stay with Fusion i think it’s a good program just wanted others input.