Sheetcam error code

I’m wondering if anybody is or has seen this error code in sheetcam it won’t let it do the post process if i want to do the cutting in two operations. Thanks

Post processing…
Part:Star 4
Inside Offset, Color 1000000, T1: Mild Steel 26 ga. 30 amps 40 psi 0.0591 in kerf Prime Weld Cut 60
Outside Offset, Color 1000000, T1: Mild Steel 26 ga. 30 amps 40 psi 0.0591 in kerf Prime Weld Cut 60
Error: Evaluation limit reached
Post processing failed

Sounds like the Posts you’re trying to generate end up creating too many lines of Gcode for the evaluation version of Sheetcam… I forget what the limit is but, something like 300 lines sticks in my head. Someone will chime in with what the exact number is…

You’d have to simplify your drawings or possibly make it into multiple index’d cuts??

I’ll bet you wouldn’t regret buying Sheetcam… IMHO…TOTALLY worth the $140.00 !!!

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I figured that may be the problem so tomorrow i will pony up.

180 is the trial limit. Not enough for anything beyond a simple shape.

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You’ll love it!! Good call…

If you get it through Langmuir Systems store It’s $140. If you go directly through Sheetcam It’s $150.

also to note the developer of Sheetcam often drops by here to participate in the forums…

When i order the license for sheet cam will i have to start all over installing tools and project files or do i have to just install the license .

just install the license.
if you want you can actually save your tool file, which is always a good idea if you make changes…for back-up reasons.
Sheetcam will just unlock the features with the license…

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Thanks, Toolboy

I know the feeling

I’m all licensed up but still have the same problem.

did you download the file from Langmuir and add to sheetcam to allow it to write the proper Gcode for the table?

Did you install the license? Lol. I did a @toolboy just using different words


I think the license is installed properly but it still says TNG at the top left of the screen

I think saying “TNG” is normal… Mine does too… And, it’s a licenced version…

So, in SheetCam, if you go to “HELP / ABOUT” in the dropdowns at the top of the screen, does it say something like this in the window that pops up?

Registered to: XXXXXX(Whatever name you supplied)
License ID: XXXXXX(Whatever your ID is)

If not, your license is not installed in the correct directory…

Again, with SheetCam running, you can go to “HELP / Install license file” … Do that,
and you should be off to the races at that point…

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Thanks it was installed looks like everything is working properly

So, no more issues then??