Sheetcam crossfire issue [SOLVED]

Screen shot your settings so we can see. Maybe one of us can pick up on it.

you should be using the the mach3 w/ no z post processor that’s already on the dropdown list.

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Post a picture of your Sheetcam screen, so we can see all of the icons in the top toolbar.

You don’t seem to be able to describe the issue in terms that make sense to anyone that is familiar with Sheetcam.

You’ve been asked for a “job” file, which contains all of your tools and settings, so someone can see what’s wrong. A job file is not the same as a cut file and doesn’t require you to post process anything. Just click on the “file” menu and hit “save job”. Note where it is saved and then upload it here.

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Ok so it was a license issue sorry i had to wait 24 hrs to respond …i have fixed the other issue which was my own fault …