Sheet cam problems

Everytime i try to load something into fireshare, i get an error window that says program will not be loaded because there is no feed rate set on the program. Then i go back to sheetcam and and verify the feedrate. But when i run the post processor, it also says feed rate is set to zero. But in my tool setting it is set 45 ipm. Help please

Are you creating a jet cutting operation before post processing?

This is usually the problem for beginners with Sheetcam.

This is a Loom video that I made of the process to import a drawing and post process it into a cut file. There is no sound and the simulation at the end is not necessary. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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Yes i believe im doing it correct. I create a jet cutting operation.

Did you select the Firecontrol v1.6 post processor?

Did you watch the video that I posted?

You need to:

Import drawing
Click on new jet cutting operation
Select “outside offset”
Select layer (this is your drawing)
Select tool
Select “reverse cut direction”
Select lead-in/outs
Hit OK
Click on the post process button and choose where to save the .tap file.