Setups. Do I have this right?

So in the CAM section when I want to make toolpaths can I make multiple setups on the same geometry? For example if I want to cut only a portion then a diferent portion on the same part make 2 set ups then make 2 new tap files, one from each set up?

So I could approach one sheet with 2 or even more programs and have diferent settings for each one?

Also how do you make a piece point? So just burn the hole then move on?

Can I just make a mark without going all the way through to drill out later?

Unless your coordinate system is changing, use 1 set up for the entire part. You can use multiple operations. For example, you can program all of the holes on one operation (with slower cut speed), and then program the rest and perimeter with a second operation.

I see yes there seems to be no need for more setups you get profile 1 2 3 ect.

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