Setting up tool looks weird

In fusion 360 when I’m setting up the plasma cutter tool the image of the tool looks weird to me but I’m not real sure what I’m looking at. If I set it up the way langmuir video says, it looks like it has a giant kerf stream. Does this look correct?

Well looks like they updated the graphic on the new release , they updated the behind the scenes math in September and this very same phenomenon screwed up all the simulation graphics.

I’m not sure why they do apply the nozzle clearance diameter to the kerf width now but it doesn’t make sense.

The G-Code created by entering a one inch nozzle diameter doesn’t seem to affect the G-Code on how it cuts, it only affects this graphic you’ve shown above and the simulation in Fusion 360.

I do hope they correct this one day.


Ok thanks, I have been running it with the proper specs entered. Just wasn’t sure why the graphic looked so strange.