Setting for table


Small question…are you setting the table for dinner or lunch…

Now with the silliness aside…?.
Is your air nice and dry?
Your air pressure looks a little high as well as your amps and your speed seems a little slow

It also looks like you have done some grinding and cleaning of the dress do if is a little hard to see the full effect of the problem


I’ve currently got a small desiccant air dryer hooked to my 4 gal air compressor. I’m thinking about upgrading and getting something bigger, but there’s almost no humidity in Las Vegas, so I’m contemplating how big to go.

I did do some griding because I got a little too excited. I’ll cut another one and update my post with the new suggestions, thanks! Do you have any specific recommendations for 1/4" mild steel?

first…your compressor seems very small for CNC cutting…if you are struggling for proper air opressure your arc will not be strong enough…most plasma units will cut off if there is not enough air flow.
so your rough cuts could be a result of unstable air flow.

most people use much…much larger compressors with high SCFM so as to not have air issues.,Cutting%20speed%20too%20low

basic great link with visual for problems

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Thanks, I do agree that it may be small and I am looking into getting a bigger one, but i’ve been waiting for Black Friday, so hopefully this shouldn’t be an issue soon. Currently, the compressor never drops below 100psi even while refilling the tank with the plama in-use, but I completely understand what you are saying. I am also just cutting small test parts and nothing big yet. I just ordered an air guard and a motor guart filter to help clean the air.

I really appreciate the link. I think it will help problem solve alot of issues I may come across in the future. It is and seems very helpful. I think on my next cut I will take a picutre of the edge quality right after the cut and I will post it so we can analyze any further issues, if any. Thanks for your help and Happy Thanksgiving!

Pressure and flow are not the same.

A very good read

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