Set-Up & Cutting Path with the UPGRADE Fusion 360

After I sorted out the cost issue with my Fusion 360 program, I designed a simple part to run on the plasma cutter. When I opened the program, the screen was an upgrade from what I had before. A few things were different in sketch, but when I went to CAM, that is now Manufacturing. My plasma torch data is still there, and set up works the same way, but NOWHERE is a “cutting option”. I only found a remotely usable cutting with 2D Contour, but that wants mill cutter dimensions, etc. What am I doing wrong???
I ended up with a Start-UP License. Version, 2.06503 I think

You’re in luck… Just went through this the other day…
See this thread below… If still no joy, let us know!!

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Thank You, I just reopened Fusion 360 and found the cutting file. The new update has some problems, if it isn’t broke… Your in Sussex, I’m in West Bend, my email is