Scaling to size in Fusion 360

Is there anybody that could post a video of how to scale in fusion. This has been an ongoing issue and I can’t seem to figure out how to get an image down to a size that will work with the table. For some reason I cant wrap my head around it. STILL

If you just search YouTube starting with Fusion 360 and then what you need to know, there are usually a half dozen videos pertaining to it. Here is one from Langmuir.

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I didn’t do a video but I did a step-by-step with screenshots.

I will be working on a project when I get home from work and Will keep you posted. Thanks again for the information guys!

James, your directions worked flawlessly. Thank you again!

Glad it helped. 'tis the season after all :slightly_smiling_face:

Working on getting lead ins and outs figured out as well as measurements for them.I will continue to follow your advice. I had to walk away from the computer for about a month and a half or so !